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What size ukulele is right for you?

If your father or grandfather played ukulele, he probably played a soprano.

The soprano is the original or classic ukulele and the smallest, usually about 21 inches long.

The pineapple ukulele is typically an oval version of the classic soprano that was invented and made popular in Hawaii.

Concert ukuleles are possibly the most popular ukulele today, accounting for about 40% of ukuleles sold. Many people like the slightly larger size of the concert uke, typically about 25 inches. The larger sound chamber also makes for a somewhat louder ukulele while still being conveniently small and portable.

The tenor ukulele is favored by many of the better known ukulele performers, at least for big gigs. As you can guess they have a stronger resonance than a smaller uke. The fret board is also more comfortable for people with bigger hands.

The baritone ukulele is the largest in the family and is the only ukulele that is tuned differently, being tuned similar to a guitar DGBE, for that reason a lot of guitar players get hooked on these very quickly.

The banjolele or banjo-uke originally became popular during the days of Vaudeville before amplification. The distinct tone of these little marvels could carry thru a large hall. They are often sopranos, but a banjo-uke can be any size. No serious ukulele collection is complete without one.

An important difference in ukuleles.
Many cheaper ukuleles are laminated wood and or plywood. A solid wood ukulele with a thin solid top has a better sound quality. We strive to provide to our customer with a high quality solid wood instrument.

Strumming your ukulele.
If you ask ten ukulele players how to strum, you will likely get several different answers to your question. Some people strum with their index finger, some with the thumb, some with a thumb and index combination. Other people always use a pick, some have never tried playing with a pick. I suggest trying several methods and finding what suits you best as you progress, you may change styles.

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